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Rent a Car LLC – A car rental or car hire Blog providing car rental information service to the community.


Secure Your Car Hire Today. The Best Price Guaranteed. Book at All over the world Locations. Search, Compare and Save Using the World’s Biggest Online Car Rental Blog Rent A Car LLC. Unbeatable Prices. No Fees. Types: Economy, Mini, Compact. Free Information Guide for your travel and car rental requirements anywhere in the World

Rent a Car: A company or service that rents cars, as by the day or week. a car provided by such a company or service. adjective. Also especially British, self-drive. of or relating to such a company or service: rent-a-car rates.

The meaning of RENT-A-CAR is a rented car.

A car rental, hire car, or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging from a few hours, a day, a month or a year.

  • 1. A rented car
  • 2. An agency that offers cars and vans for rent
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